Dog Abandoned At Just 4 Days Old Is Now Living Her Best Life


Doris was just four days old when the RSPCA(British equivalent to ASPCA) found her on the ground near some trash cans. Named Doris, after a storm by the same name which had just hit the UK, vets had no idea what breed she was or whether she would even make it.

Source: RSPCA

Too young to be without her mother, she needed constant supervision along with around the clock bottle-feeding. Liz Wood, the manager of the shelter, decided to foster her and ended up keeping her for three months while she healed and grew.

Source: RSPCA

Wood said in a press release:

Doris was very lucky she was found — she was very small and extremely vulnerable when she came in to us at RSPCA Millbrook... she was so tiny we weren’t sure if she would even survive without a mum. I simply could not believe someone would dump such a tiny puppy, she was so small and vulnerable.

Despite the odds being stacked against her, she managed to pull through with the help of the charity and her foster mum. She has now grown into a beautiful dog who staff believe is a German Shepherd mix.

Source: RSPCA

Before long, Doris was ready to be adopted and soon enough she found the perfect family! Drawn in by her infectious energy, they knew she belonged with them and would make a great addition to their little family.Jack Campfield, her new dad, said in a press release:

It really was love at first sight when we saw Doris...we just knew she was the one for us. We saw her bounding around the center and we knew we just had to take her home.

Doris is now living her best life with mailman father, Jake and adores riding in his van with him whilst he does his rounds. She greets everyone along the way with so much love.Despite her tough start to life, she is now the happiest dog in the world and has brought so much joy to her new family.

Source: RSPCA

Campfield said:

It is amazing she survived...she is such an intelligent dog and we completely adore her. Everyone that meets her falls for her. She even has her own Instagram account now with over 700 followers!

She now has almost 2000 followers! If you want to keep up with Doris and her adventures, you can follow her Instagram here.

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