Doctor Saves Cat From Cardiac Arrest And Decides To Adopt Him

The moving images were captured by video surveillance cameras. Last month in Istanbul, Turkey, a man resuscitated a cat who, after being trapped in a revolving door, was in cardiac arrest.The incident took place at the entrance of a private hospital in Turkey's capital. With his briefcase in his hand, the doctor wason his way outof the building through the revolving door.At the exact same moment, a cat got caught in the door and was crushed against the one of the walls.Aky√ľrek immediately stopped to help the animal. He put down his briefcase, knelt down to pull the kitty out of the trap and then realized that the little heart had stopped beating.[embed][/embed]Without a second though, he started to give the cat a cardiac massage, and was joined by other employees of the hospital who were coming to help him. The doctor said:

The cat's neck was totally stuck. It started having trouble breathing and floundering. I put my head on the back of his head and properly removed it from the door. We started applying cardiac massage right away, and other friends from the hospital also came by. As the cat responded, we stopped the cardiac massage and took the cat to the emergency service. Then I called a veterinary friend, who told us to administer a couple of medicines and instructed us on how to apply them.

Thanks to his incredible reflexes, the feline survived the traumatic event and was safe from danger. The cherry on top, however, was that the doctor decided to adopt the cat after saving him. He named the kitty "Mucize", which means "miracle" in Turkish, and has loved coming home to a furry friend every evening ever since. After the video went viral on social media, the doctor says he has received countless messages of gratitude and support.