Distraught Labrador Just Lies In The Corner After Being Abandoned

Andrea A.

This little dog's story beginslike many others.Abandoned by her owners in the beginning of September, Cash, a black Labrador, had lost all will to live. She was lost and alone in this strange place with other dogs barking day in and day out. She closed in on herself and refused to even turn away from the wall.Tammy Graves, founder of the association The Haley Graves Foundation, in North Carolina, found herself at the shelter the day after Cash was abandoned. She had gone to take photos of three other dogs, when she saw the poor little dog crouching in the corner of her kennel.


Source: Haley Graves Foundation

Tammy captured this tragic moment on camera. She then posted the photo on her Facebook page, accompanied by a sadly truthful message:

This is what happens when people bring their dog to a shelter and leave them. (...) today he lays frozen in fear, in a puddle of his own urine.

Tammy couldn't bring herself to leave Cash there in her sad state. She took the pup with her and renamed her June. Whenshe arrived at Tammy's house, June had been suffering from Dirofilariasis parasites, an infection whichis caused by heartworms.Traces of her terrible past were uncovered little by little - June is terrified of noise and she has scars all over her muzzle. She had also without doubt given birth to many puppies.


Source: Haley Graves Foundation

Luckily, June is now safe thanks to Tammy. She said:

I never dreamed the impact one photo and my private thoughts would have. But I’m OK with it. If one dog other June is rescued from a shelter, one dog is spayed, one dog is saved, that is a blessing. We have the power to change the world, four paws at time.

The pup will be available for adoption as soon as she is healthy. You can check the Haley Graves Foundation Facebook page for updates. To help shelter dogs and to fight against abandonment, you can click here to make a donation to the Haley Graves Foundation.

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