Disfigured, Abused Pup Learnt To Trust Humans Again Despite Painful Past

Andrea A.

Grivita is a true miracle. In October 2013, the association Four Paws International received an emergency call from a woman who regularly fed stray dogs close to the train station in Bucharest, Romania. She said the one small dog, whom she had baptized Givita, had just suffered an act of unimaginable cruelty.(WARNING: Graphic content)Nobody knew the exact circumstances of the drama, but someone had hit the pup with a heavy object on her snout, fracturing her mandible and completely destroying her upper jaw. She had miraculously survived the attack, and the pup was in agony on the sidewalk. She wouldn't have survived without emergency medical care.[caption id="attachment_26733" align="alignnone" width="620"]


Grivita, at the moment thatFour Paws found her, in Bucharest, en October2013. Source: Four Paws[/caption]The Four Paws team immediately took her into their care and at their clinic, she received urgent medical attention.


Source : Four Paws


Source : Four Paws

The very next morning, the pup was operated on by a special veterinary team. During the course of the few hours, they cleaned her wounds and repaired her fractures. This would only be the first in a series of operations, in which the medical team hoped to allow Grivita to live a normal life without risk of infection.


Source : Four Paws

As soon as she arrived at the clinic, the doctors were blown away by Grivita's kind spirit. "Despite the cruelty she endured, she remained sweet and has a lot of love to give," tells one of the veterinarians.After a few days of rest, the pup joined the shelter of Speranta, on October 10, 2013. The main part of her recovery consisted of learning to eat and breathe again at the same time. Four Paws said:

In the beginning, she had trouble coordinating the two. But today, she eats like any other dog and has not lost her zest for life.

Source : Four Paws

A few months later, one of the employees from the association was so touched by Grivita's story that he wanted to give her a new home. According to Four Paws' latest updates, in January 2016, the duo is still living happily ever after.


Source : Four Paws


Source : Four Paws

Despite her painful past, Grivita proves herself to be kind and welcoming towards other dogs and people. "Her story is perfect proof of animals' incredible resilience," concludes the association.If you would like to support the associationFour Paws, click here.