Disabled Kitten Who Was Nearly Put Down Becomes The Best Foster Mom Ever - The Internet Is Obsessed


Kanga Roo is a very unusual cat.The cute little tabby has a disorder called radial agencies, which makes her front legs very weak and slightly bent, making it more difficult for her to walk.Not that that gets her down - Kanga has bounced back and proved to be an excellent foster mom to kitties in need.

Source: Instagram/Kangaroothekitty

Kanga's story started 3 years ago, when, at only 4 weeks old, she was taken to a clinic to be put to sleep. Although the person who brought her in thought that she wouldn't survive, or would be in pain for the rest of her life, a kind woman named Cheryl recognized the disorder and knew that this wasn't the case.She took little Kanga to Saving Grace Rescue, a shelter in San Francisco who had taken in special cats in the past, where she was eventually adopted by a woman called Joyce and her family. They had seen a video of her and fallen in love with the sweet kitten.https://youtu.be/EzUg11lMbX4Kanga's new family were absolutely wonderful to her as soon as she got there. Along with her protective feline sister, another tabby called Skittles, she also has 2 canine brothers and, of course, 2 loving human parents.In 2015, Kanga showed that she was taking after her human mom when she grew close to one of Joyce's foster kittens, Hector. The ginger bundle of fluff was another special kitten, who had lost his tail to an infection. Kanga immediately took him under her wing and the 2 bonded so much that Joyce decided to keep him!

Source: Instagram/Kangaroothekitty

Sadly, the family can't keep every kitten that comes through their door, but Kanga loves each and every one of them all the same. Joyce humorously describes her as going into "mama mode" whenever kittens are involved, cleaning them, snuggling up to them, and even standing on her hind legs to keep a lookout for danger when they're eating.Recently they even took in another kitten - Alealani - with radial agencies, and Kanga has been more than happy to show her that there's nothing she can't do, despite her legs!

Source: Instagram/Kangaroothekitty

With Kanga now 3 years old, it's amazing to think that this lively and lovable cat was nearly put down - just because she looked different.Cats with disabilities can be a challenge, but every one of them is full of love and can make as good a pet as any other. Shelters like Saving Grace are crucial in saving these sweet felines from an unfair end. Click here to make a donation.

Source: Instagram/Kangaroothekitty

You can follow Kanga-Roo's adventures on her Facebook Page or her Instagram!

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