Dirty And Soaking Wet, This Adorable Fox Cub Escapes His Trap And Is Reunited With His Beloved Mother

Foxes are very common in urban areas, and are usually pretty good at looking after themselves. But it was not the case with this little fox. On May 10, the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) was called out to Cooden Beach Bexhill, England, where a fox cub had managed to get himself stuckin a drain.Trevor Weeks, the founder of WRAS, and his rescue team, went to go and investigate to see if they could free the poor baby. This was no easy task - the fox cub had hidden himself pretty thoroughly in the pipe.


Source: @ViralHog/ YouTube

The rescue team used a mobile phone to locate the cub, using rods and hose pipes to try and push him out.They had an unexpected visitor who was watching their every move - the cub's watchful mother. Weeks says:

We were amazed that the vixen turned up whilst we were trying to find the cub and it was almost as if she knew we were trying to rescue her cub. 

Source: @ViralHog/ YouTube

The rescue team spent a few hours trying to coax out the cub, with no success. They decided to take a break and return later in the hope that he might come out of his own accord.And they were right. When they got back to Cooden Beach some hours later, Weeks laid on the ground and tried again, putting his arm directly down the drain.


Source: @ViralHog/ YouTube

He could feel the cub moving towards him. On his third attempt, Weeks got hold of the cub's tail and managed to draw him out of the drain.


Source: @ViralHog/ YouTube

The poor creature was very wet and dirty from the drain, but he was safe! He got a good scrub at the WRAS Casualty Centre, emerging clean once again.The team took the baby back to Cooden Beach in a pet carrier, hoping that he would be reunited with his mother.


Source: @ViralHog/ YouTube

Weeks says:

As if the rescue hadn’t been amazing already, within minutes of us returning mum appeared. 

Perhaps the most adorable part of the video is watching the little cub climb out of the carrier, straight into her arms! It was almost as if his mother had been waiting to take him back home again.And the little cub was certainly thrilled to be reunited withhis mother once more.


Source: @ViralHog/ YouTube

Weeks says: "It really makes the long hours and stress so well worth it". And it makes for an adorable rescue video too!Watch the heartwarming rescue video here:

If youcome across a baby animal who is orphaned, injured or lost, you can do some things to help. That said, it is usually best to get in touch with a rehabilitator to make sure you don't do any damage.

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