Diesel, The French Police Dog Killed In Action, Will Receive The Highest Honour For Animals In The UK

Yesterday, the British Veterinary Association (PDSA) announced that the French police dog Diesel, who died in action, will receive the 'Dickin' medal for his bravery. This supreme medalis the greatest honour that an animal can be awarded.Diesel was tragically killed during a raid in Saint Denis, Paris, following the terror attacks in the French capital in November.https://twitter.com/PDSA_HQ/status/681399221358993408?ref_src=twsrc%5EtfwThe organisation explained:

The PDSA Dickin Medal recognises conspicuous devotion to duty in the theatre of conflict and Diesel is a truly deserving recipient. His gallant actions helped to protect human life in the face of imminent danger and we are very proud to honour him in this way.

Diesel will be the66th animal to receive this honour.Since it was started in 1943, 29 dogs have received it as well as 32 homing pigeons from the Second World War, a cat and three horses.The Sunnewspaper formally nominated Diesel for the award, having received thousands of messages from readers after the service dog died.

Diesel, the7-year-old Belgian Shepherd, was sent on ahead into a house where some terrorists were encamped, and it was there that he got gunned down on the 8th November.At the moment, the French have yet to award Diesel with an honour like this. But it is hoped they will.

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Andrea A.