Desperate Mother Goose Asks For Policeman's Help to Free Her Baby


We know that our animal counterparts can often be fiercely independent. But sometimes, they are in need of our help, and are quite happy to ask for it.It was just another normal Monday in May for Officer James Givens of the Cincinnati Police Department, sitting in his patrol car in a car park.


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Until a surprising visitor came to ask him for some help. Givens told The Dodo:

This goose came up and started pecking on the side of the car...Then she walked away, stopped and looked back. Then came over and pecked some more. 

Turning around to look at the police officer, it seemed thatthe goose was trying to get his attention. Finally,Givens followed her.


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She led Givens to a grassy bit of land, where one of her babies had become tangled up and trapped by the string of a balloon. "She led me straight to him", says Givens.The officer was nervous that the goose would attack him if he tried to free her gosling. He called the SPCA for aid, but with no rescuers available at the time, his colleague Officer Cecilia Charron volunteered instead.


Source: @James Givens/ YouTube

Charron was fearless. Givens says:

I told her to be careful, but she just walked over and untangled the baby. The mother goose just watched, like she knew. 

The gosling shot straight off to join his mother once he was freed, whilst the police looked on in surprise. Charron even said it was the highlight of her 24-year career with the police!


Source: @James Givens/ YouTube

Who knows if the goose was intentionally asking for the help of the police officer? But she got the help she needed, and things could have been very different if Givens didn't give her the time of day.It's an unlikely story, but a story of basic human kindness which paid off.Givens hopes that itwill encourage others to show a little more compassion towards animals:"I honestly don't know why I decided to follow her, but I did. It makes me wonder - do they know to turn to humans when they need help?"Check out the heartwarming video here:

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