Hopeless, This Senior Dog Lay In The Middle Of The Street To Die


On February 9, a new rescue video was published on the Youtube channel of the association Animal Aid Unlimited. At the end of 2016, the team found and elderly dog in the streets of Udaipur, dying, who had abandoned all hope of survival.

dog-rescue-india-major-sahib (10)

Source:  Animal Aid Unlimited

His head was full of magots, his skin infected with mange, and he was so weak that he couldn't even stand upright. He probably thought he was living his final hours, but that was without counting on the rapid action of the association, determined not to let the animal die in this way.

dog-rescue-india-major-sahib (1)

Source:  Animal Aid Unlimited

Sick and starving, he let the rescue team approach and quickly trusted them. After they comforted him and wrapped him in a blanket, they brought him to the sanctuary to care for his injuries.After applying a medicine to kill the magots, they injected him with a sedative to treat his head injury.

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Source :  Animal Aid Unlimited

A few hours later, his state was gradually starting to improve. The magots had disappeared and his wound was stitched up.Three days later, after regaining some of his strength, it was time to treat the mange which covered his skin.

dog-rescue-india-major-sahib (4)

Source:  Animal Aid Unlimited

After months of care and attention, he has become almost unrecognizable.

dog-rescue-india-major-sahib (5)

Source:  Animal Aid Unlimited

His fur has grown back, his wound healed over, and is in great shape despite the loss of his right ear. More importantly still, he is surrounded daily by other animals and his rescuers, who do everything possible to offer the dog, who they named Major Sahib, lots of love and calm.

dog-rescue-india-major-sahib (8)

Source:  Animal Aid Unlimited

The rescue of Major Sahib shouldn't overshadow the sad daily lives of the millions of stray animals in India. Left to fend for themselves in the streets, they are often hungry and sick. Organizations like Animal Aid Unlimited work every day to save them and offer them care and a future. To support them, click here.Watch the poignant rescue of Major Sahib in the video below:(Caution: Some of the images may be graphic.)

Source:  Animal Aid Unlimited

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