Death Of Beloved Bipedal Bear Inspires Effort To Ban Hunting Forever

Pedals, the beloved bear that walked around on his two back legs, is believed to have been killedin a legal hunt that happened in New Jersey this October.The animal became a celebrity because of his tendency to walk on his hind legs, which wasdue to an old injury and deformed front paws. He was often seen foraging in a northern New Jersey neighborhood, butnew photos lead supporters to believe that he is now dead.


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The bear hunt in New Jersey started in 2010, and this year went on to include bow and arrow hunting. The supposed goal was to minimize the black bear population in the state which has been increasing in the past few years, even though attacks by bears are still extremely uncommon.Activists for Pedals raised $22,000 dollars in an effort to get him relocated to a private sanctuary since his celebrity had made him a target for many people, but officials refused to act.


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The hunter who killed the animal believed to be the famous bear was reportedly heard boasting about killing him according to Lisa Rose-Rublack, an activist for Pedals, reports CNN:

The state biologists confirmed it was Pedals and they all took pictures, and the guy was bragging about trying to get Pedals for three years.

Officials refuse to acknowledge that it was him however saying that since he was never tagged they cannot be sure.Advocates for Pedals pushed for a new law that would ban the hunt for five years, and it successfully passed the vote in theSenate Economic Development & Agriculture Committee.


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What is now being referred to as Pedals' Law has been sent to the desk of Chris Christie, the New Jersey Governor, who is thought to likely veto the bill due to his past defense of the hunt.The new law looks to not only ban the hunt for at least five years, but plans to find an ethical way of controlling the bear population, so that the hunt will never have to take place again.Over the almost week long hunt, 549 bears were killed in total. Unnecessary deaths, that will hopefully be stopped with the passing of Pedals' Law.If you would like to show your support for the bill you can sign the petition here.

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