Deaf And Blind Dog Found A Best Friend With The Exact Same Disablities And They're Inseparable


Kathryn Woodward lives in a very happy home in South Carolina. Her home is so happy because she takes care of dogs that no-one else and gives them the most love they could ever hope for.Keller, who was given to her because he was "unsellable", is a Great Dane who was born with a genetic disorder called double merle, which caused him to be blind and deaf. However, that did not make Woodward want him any less. She had been taking care of Keller and knew exactly how special of a dog he was, when she heard about another pup with the same condition who needed help.


Source: Kathryn Woodward

Maise, an Australian shepherd who is also blind and deaf, was sold to a family at four weeks old, but the breeder failed to mention that she could neither see not hear, and the family posted on Facebook that the dog would be given away for free at a yard sale to a "good home".But Woodward knew she wouldn't find that good home so easily - dogs with disabilities are unwanted and usually end up abandoned for a lack of willingness to care for them.


Source: Kathryn Woodward

So she decided to foster her and took Maise home to Keller, who immediately took a liking to her. They clicked from the moment they met and the Great Dane has been providing his best friend with all the support she needs. Woodward told The Dodo:

Honestly, they just seem to know they have something in common. He'll help guide her around the house by walking next to her and she always sleeps in his legs as if he's keeping her safe.

Source: Kathryn Woodward

Maise is looking for her forever home and a family who can love and guide her through life like Keller does. If you think you can adopt this gorgeous pup, or know of someone who would be interested, visit Boxer Butts & Other Mutts or email them at [email protected].


Source: Kathryn Woodward