Dairy Farmer Dumps Newborn Calf Next To Road For Drinking Mother's Milk


The volunteers at Animal Aid Unlimited Indiaare no strangers to heartbreak when it comes to animals. The team got a call about a newborn calf being dumped next to the road by a dairy farmer, and the team immediately knew the reason.Male calves are taken away from their mothers just hours after their birth, because their mothers' milk is destined for human consumption. Iffarmers allows calves to drink their mothers' milk, they lose money.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India

So this particular farmer had just dumped the newborn on the side of the road to prevent him "stealing" even a drop of his mother's milk.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India

The calf was still wet and covered in afterbirth, meaning it could not have been more than a few minutes after he was born before the farmer shoved him out of the truck.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India

He was in desperate need of some milk and a soft, warm place to lie down. Once back at the Animal Aid shelter, the young calf could not stop sipping his bottle.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India

Dil, as they named him, which means "heart" in Hindi, slowly started to become stronger. He received all the attention, milk and hugs he needed to know that he was loved, not abandoned.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India

After two months in the 'baby pen', the team decided to let him socialize with the other cows. They were hesitant about his reaction, but need not have worried. Dil turned out to have the best personality and immediately hit it off with all the other animals!


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India

He loves getting cuddles from his humans, too.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India

Dil now has so many friends to play with and has hopefully forgotten all about his difficult start to life.The heroes at Animal Aid Unlimited India save countless animals each year, who are given a happy life with all the love, friends, food and playtime they need. Consider making a donation to this incredible organization by clicking here.You can watch the full video of the sweet rescue below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlcUr-77-ss[/embed]