Cute Kitten Gives It His All For The Attention Of A Turtle Who Is Playing Hard To Get

Sometimes, the person we're obsessed with doesn't seem to know we even exist.

This poor kitten is condemned to this sad fate.

The object of his desires? A turtle, for whom he'll do anything to get noticed.


Source: @Youtube

It's as if the little kitty is hypnotised. First, he observes and develops a plan of approach...


Source: @Youtube

Then, he takes action. He circles the turtle, runs at him, pounces, and does everything he can to get hisattention, waiting for a reaction. Anything goes...


Source: @Youtube

Unfortunately, this turtle remainscompletely indifferent. He doesn't seem to even know the cat is there, much to the kitty's dismay.


Source: @Youtube

We've all been there and we feelhis pain...But it's always funny when it happens to someone else!Watch the kitty's stinging defeat for yourself:[embed][/embed]