Cut, Kicked And Skinned Alive: The Shocking Truth Behind The Wool You Are Wearing

Last month, the animal rights organisation PeTa revealed a new study exposing the cruelty of sheepfarms all across the world who areselling their wool as "Italian wool".


Source : @Peta

"Large swaths of skin cut or ripped off the bodies of many sheep"

The companies in question, Cooperativa Cacique Mulato LTDA and Estancia Laguna Verde, shear 25,000 and 5000 sheep respectively each year, according to PeTa.This new video is part of a series of six studies lead by the organisation in 39 farms in Australia, Argentina and the US.


Source : @Peta

In the report, PeTa reveals:

Shearers are often paid by volume, not by the hour, which encourages fast, violent work and can lead to severe cuts on sheep’s bodies—even on at least one sheep’s penis. Large swaths of skin were cut or ripped off the bodies of many sheep by the shearers.

Even "sustainable" farms are guilty


Source : @Peta

Some of these farmsclaim they take a "responsable" approach, supplying big names like Patagonia. Last year, Patagonia was pressured to change supplierfollowing the scandal exposed by PeTa.According to the organisation, nearly 30% of the wool produced in Chile is sentto Italy. Only 1% of the world's wool actually comes from Italy, "yet J.Crew, Coach, and other companies all over the world sell 'luxury Italian wool' that belies its true origin and the cruelty involved in its production."


Source : @Peta

PeTa is therefore asking animal-lovers to boycott the purchase of clothing and accessories containing wool, since this is the only way to ensure that there is no animal suffering involved:

Please, when shopping for clothes, don’t forget the gentle sheep who suffer in the wool industry all around the world, and choose items that don’t contain wool. It’s easy to check the label, and if it says “Italian wool”—or any kind of wool—just leave it on the shelf.

Source : @Peta

You can watch the video of PeTa's study here(beware, contains very graphic images):

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