Curled Up In A Shed, His Head Was Gaping Open, But They Miraculously Saved Him


The volunteers atAnimal Aid Unlimited Indiahave, once again, achieved a medical miracle.At the beginning of December, they received a phone call telling them about an extreme case: a dog was just discovered, curled up in a dark shed, with the top of his head - from one ear to the other - completely open.


Source: Youtube /Animal Aid Unlimited

The gaping wound left his brain out in the open and attracted flies, causing the animal intense pain. Without the intervention of the Indian NGO, the dog would have certainly been dead a few days later from the agony.Thankfully, the team at Animal Aid immediately transported him to their medical center and did everything they could to keep him alive.


Source: Youtube /Animal Aid Unlimited

So that he didn't suffer, they put him to sleep to rinse the wound and remove the dirt and worms. They then covered it with liquid disinfectant and wrapped his head in thick bandages.


Source: Youtube /Animal Aid Unlimited

After a recovery period of eight weeks, Cubby is unrecognizable: his wound is barely visible, and his fur grew back, but most of all the animal regained his energy andspirit.


Source: Youtube /Animal Aid Unlimitede

Watch the incredible rescue in its entirety here:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dB-0FssSKmI[/embed]