Crippled Dog Finally Gets To Live In Peace After Being Rescued


Rescuers discovered 48 dogs in sickening condition at the home of a breeder in the Bronx, New York, reportsThe Dodo.

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Source: The Dodo

The dogs had matted, dirty fur and many had health problems. They were all given baths, haircuts, and the medical attention they so desperately needed. All 48 of the liberated pooches receivedlots of love and attention fromtheir rescuers. Thanks to their efforts, all of the dogsmanaged to be adopted.


Source: The Dodo

One of the most shocking cases was of a senior dog who had his leg twisted around the wrong way due to poor breeding.The poor pup managed to get around by dragging his hind legs behind him.


Source: The Dodo

Rescuers took care of his injuries the best they could, and his new family got him a wheelchair so he could roamaround in comfort.


Source: The Dodo

The dog with the deformed legs did not have much time left to live, but the last monthsof his life were infinitely more peacefuland enjoyablethan he had ever known.Watch the full video below:

Dog With Twisted Legs Finally Gets The Life He DeservesThese 49 rescued dogs got makeovers. And then forever homes ❤️Posted by The Dodo on Wednesday, October 12, 2016