Crazy In Love Wild Rabbit Will Stop At Nothing To Seduce His Sweetheart

It was a day like any other for Pep, this adorable white and black pet rabbit.

She was relaxing in her favourite spot opposite the sliding door with a view out onto the garden.

But all of a sudden, an unexpected visitor appears on the other side of the door. Pep finds herself face to face with a rather charming wild rabbit, who is intriguing to say the least...

Source : @Youtube

The two rabbits feel an immediate connection. They try their best to sniff each other through the door...

Source : @Youtube

The door begins to frustrate the wild rabbit, who is impatient to say a proper hello to the beautiful Pep...

Source : @Youtube

The brave wild rabbit even tries to scale the window!

Source : @Youtube

The pet isn't totally convinced... Instead, she takes cover inside a box.

Source : @Youtube

But her suitor perseveres. He's not giving up that easily.

Source : @Youtube 

Unfortunately for him, the pretty rabbit's owner doesn't open the door, preventing him from wooing his ladylove any further. And so the intense seduction attempt tragically ends. 

Obviously amused by the efforts of the wild animal, the white rabbit's owner filmed the entire scene and posted it on Youtube, explaining in the description that it took place during the "mating season". That explains the visitor's passion at least a little bit...


We really sympathise! For now, watch the heartbreaking clip for yourself: