Cow And Her Calf Escape From Farm And Take Refuge At Animal Sanctuary

Andrea A.

The Sycamore Tree Ranch sanctuary, in Springtown, Texas, were never expecting such an encounter. At the end of March, staff at the sanctuary were surprised to discover a cow and her baby in their field, as The Dodo reports.

Source: Sycamore Tree Ranch

Koby Wegge, cofounder ofSycamore Tree Ranchsaid:

We were outside feeding our animals when a cow comes running across our field. And we don’t have cows.

Source: Sycamore Tree Ranch

A neighbor had in fact just bought her and her baby, but they were so scared when they arrived at his house, that they darted away. People spent several hours chasing them — but the cow was determined to get away.

Source: Sycamore Tree Ranch

Koby said:

She swam across a pond with her baby, ran through a forest for hours, until she ended up jumping our very high fence and getting into our pasture.

Source: Sycamore Tree Ranch

The cow and her baby hid among the horses and refused to let anyone near them.The breeder believed that the animal was too wild to be kept so sentenced her to slaughter with her baby. The man refused to leave the animals in the sanctuary, so as not to lose the money he invested: the sum of 1600 dollars.Unfortunately, the association did not have the funds to keep them. However, after a call for donations, the money was raised very quickly, and now the cow and her calf can spend the rest of their lives in the sanctuary.The sanctuary wrote on their Instagram:

We are so blown away by this incredible community that rallies together to save lives. It is because of your generous hearts that these two will get to spend the rest of their days together.


H/t: The Dodo