Courageous Father And Son Duo Brave The Floods To Save Abandoned Dogs

For the past few days, terrible floods have submerged Greater Houston in Texas.


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Though the rain has stopped, there is huge damage to the region and thousands of houses have been destroyed. Inhabitants have been forced to evacuate in the rain, leaving behind...their four-legged friends.


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A father and son from the city of Brazoria refused to abandon these animals to their tragic fate, deciding to stay and bring them to safety.


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They have done the rounds of the flooded streets and abandoned houses with the help of a boat. According to a message on Reddit (where they found their fame), they have already rescued 40 dogs!


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These animals have been put in the localSPCA shelter while they wait for their families to come and claim them.


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The volunteers have started publishing photos of the rescued dogs on Facebook to help identify them more quickly.And as for the father and son, these everyday heroes are still on the lookout for other potential survivors.


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Andrea A.