Courageous 10-Year-Old Boy Climbs 18-Foot Tall Tree To Rescue Kitten

Bravery comes in all shapes and sizes, as 10-year-old Aashir Alauddins proved when he went to rescue his kitten, Alley, from an 18-foot tree. Aashir woke up one day to find out that Alley, only 2 months old, was missing from their home in New Jersey. After a panicked search, he discovered that the tiny kitten had gotten stuck in a tree outside the house.

Source: Youtube/Inside Edition

Where most children would run to get their parents to help, the plucky youngster decided to take the matter into his own hands and immediately climbed up to rescue his friend.However, once he got to Alley, Aashir realized that he had another problem... He was now stuck himself!Alauddins was concerned that the heavy rain would make him slip on the way back down the tree and refused to leave his frightened pet, so his mom, Linette Wheeler, called the fire department.

Source: Youtube/Inside Edition

20 minutes later, both boy and cat were safely back on the ground. Deputy Fire ChiefJohn Ingallinera told Yahoo that he and his colleagues were very amused by the whole situation:

Usually it's a cat up the tree. This time it was a child chasing the cat up a tree? Very unusual. We rarely get a call like this.

While Aashir and Alley were completely unharmed by this heartwarming episode, hopefully they'll both think twice before climbing trees next time!

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