Couple Driving In The Dark Find Desperate Kitten Trapped On Bridge, Inches From Death


When Markus Heyder and Erin Hutchko made their way across the Wright Memorial Bridge, the last thing they expected to find was a new family member.As they were driving across the bridge on June 23rd, Hutchko thought she saw something "alive". After looping back around the 3 mile bridge twice more, they spotted what she had seen; a tiny kitten, huddled on the guard rail - inches away from a drop into the ocean.

Source: Facebook/Markus P Heyder

Approaching her slowly so she didn't scare her, Hutchko spent a harrowing minute trying to catch the kitten without causing her to lose her balance on the wall. But she succeeded, bringing the tiny tortoiseshell into the safety of the car and wrapping her in a warm blanket.The kitten, who has since been named Bridgett, was first taken to a pet care home where Hutchko works and given "yummy canned food", before being taken home with her new humans. Heyder posted the video of the rescue to Facebook and it quickly went viral, being shared over 3000 times and viewed by more than 500,000 people. feline's new family have set up a Facebook page for her so that her new fans can follow her as she grows up, sharing Bridgett's first trip to the vet and many adorable photos of her with her loving family.

I'm finally getting comfortable with my new humans and learning about life inside a house. I had never been around humans or dogs or cats before, so I needed some time to adjust. But as you can see, I am doing great, eating well, and am much healthier now. Sometimes these silly humans pat my belly and call me "Fatty" instead of "Bridgey"! I think that's a compliment!

Source: Facebook/Bridgett Joy the Bridge Kitten

After a terrifying start to life, Bridgett has found her forever home.

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