Corgi Lends A Helping Paw By Training Puppy To Sit

If you're having trouble training your new puppy, then you may want to seek some help from Zeus the Corgi. He's so well behaved that he can balance a dog biscuit on his nose!


Source: @ZeusTheFatCorgi

Zeus lives in Jakarta, Indonesia and has quite the following on his Instagram account. No wonder when he's always up to funny things.


Source: @ZeusTheFatCorgi

Sowhen he met this little Corgi pup, he couldn't help but train her to 'sit' like a good doggy.


Source: @ZeusTheFatCorgi

The pair's encounter is very cute indeed, but particularly when Zeus decides to kick-start the puppy's training.


Source: @YouTube

Watch the funny video here:[embed][/embed]

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