Cops Give Emotional Final Salute To Police Dog Just Before He Is Put To Sleep

Hunter, a German Shepherd, was policeman Michael D’Arresta's K9 partner for 9 years, working with him in Middletown, Connecticut since 2007. They had an incredible bond and loved each other very much. But sadly, D'Arresta had to make a devastating decision for his four-legged friend earlier in September.

Source: Facebook

Hunter had contracted a sudden and aggressive form of Liver Cancer only days earlier, but both D'Arresta and the veterinarians agreed that, to avoid causing the pooch any suffering, he should be put to sleep.The police dog had had a long and impressive career, including in a recent anti-drug program and saving the life of an old woman with dementia, who had left her home alone in the middle of the night.

Source: Facebook

Michael D'Arresta took Hunter to the vets for the last time in his arms, accompanied by the rest of their squad, who gave the brave pooch a final salute. Doug Clark, Middletown K9 Superviser, paid his last respects on Facebook:

Nothing will ever be the same. Rest in peace, Hunter. You have done great work.

H/t: Metro UK

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