Companies Are Now Offering Paid Leave For Pet Bereavement

Losing a beloved pet is one of the most difficult things for anyone to cope with. Whilst othersmay not agree, it really does entaila period of mourning.In the US, companies are now starting to come to terms with this. More and more are now offering their employees to take a few days of paid leave to be able to properly grieve the loss of their companion.


Source : @ProjectCleo

Erica Lee, employed by the petinsurance companyTrupanion based in Seattle, managed to take some time off work after her beloved dog, Chief, died.She toldABC News:

[My son] was 6 when [Chief] passed away and they were best friends. Everyone was heartbroken. I couldn't imagine having to send him back to school the day after he lost his best friend... They went everywhere together.

Source : @ProjectCleo

The mother and son were allowed a day off to cry together and support each other after the loss of their adored companion.Asides fromTrupanion, other companies have also started to take into account the incredible bond between humans and their pets.


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The hotel chainKimpton Hotels offer up to three days paid leave in order to come to terms with the death of a four-legged friend.The software companyWMware and the pet food companyMars Petcare also offer their employees this type of care.Other large chains, like the ice cream brandBen & Jerry's are sympathetic to their employees' needs.We hope that other companies will follow in their footsteps and realise that losing an animal who we share our life with for years is one of the most difficult things in life to cope with.

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