This ‘Dog’ Was Left To Starve After College Kid Bought Him On Craigslist


Julia Di Sieno discovered Rex living in a college student's dorm three months ago and she was horrified. The director and cofounder of California's Animal Rescue Team (ART) found the "dog" living inside a small cage and he was severely underfed, reports The Dodo.


Source: ART

The 20-year-old student who was holding Rex captive had bought him on Craigslist, which is the first major red flag that was raised for Di Sieno. She told The Dodo:

(It's) really shady. You just don't advertise animals on Craigslist, ever. He was not forthcoming with any information.

Source: ART

The student tried to hide the dog from rescuers who had been informed, but it was clear he was incapable of taking care of this "dog". Because Rex isnot really even a dog...He has a high content of wolf dog in his genes, which means that he is in fact more wolf than he is dog. He looks almost exactly like a fully grown wolf.


Source: ART

According to Di Sieno, Rex was grossly underweight, even starving, and the ART had to fight for months before they could take him into their care.Rex lived with Di Sieno and her other rescued wolf dogs in the beginning, while he was gaining his strength back. She said:

He's very protective, but he's also just a lump love.

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Generally, wolf dogs do better in sanctuaries than in homes, but Rex is an exception. His capacity to love and play, even after coming out of a traumatic and neglectful situation, is astounding. For this reason, Di Sieno decided to put him up for adoption.


Source: ART

Rex has found his forever family after a bumpy road, and they have another big dog, Lucy, with whomhe is besotted. They live on a large property where Rex can run around with other animals and his girlfriend.


Source: ART

You can support the good work and make a contribution to the Animal Rescue Team in California by clicking here.

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