Chris Evans talks about his dog's possessive behavior


Chris Evans, the 41-year-old actor famous for his role in the Avengers, is known for his love of his dog, Dodger. Evans adopted Dodger in November 2015 while filming in a shelter in Savannah, Georgia. According to Evans, the dog reminded him of Artful Dodger from the 1988 movie "Oliver & Company," which is how he got his name. Evans tells POPSUGAR that the pup just looked like he didn't belong there. "I auditioned a couple of other names and just couldn't get Dodger out of my head."

Since adopting Dodger, Evans has been treating fans to some ridiculously cute glimpses of his furry friend on Instagram. The two teamed up with dog nutrition brand Jinx to launch the Dog Dream Box, which includes a bag of Jinx kibble, slow-smoked chicken-tender treats, a tennis ball, and a rugged rope toy, inspired by the toy Dodger came home with when Evans rescued him. The actor, who's an ambassador for the brand, says the collaboration was a "no-brainer" for him. "Dodger just loves it. He is the most honest critic you can find," he says of the sweet boy, who loves the Jinx Tenders treats. "He's the only review I need."

Evans says that Dodger is actually not a big fan of the camera, despite the adorable Jinx campaign and countless Instagram photos. "If you get the phone out, you're lucky if you get one shot, then he's out of there," Evans reveals. "It's so strange. He doesn't love the camera as much as my Instagram would present."

Evans explains that Dodger loves people and other dogs, but he can be possessive of his owner. "He gets a little jealous if I start giving another dog a little bit of love. He butts right in there. He doesn't like that, but he loves new people, and he is wonderful with dogs," Evans says. "He is just a little possessive of me, which I think is adorable."

Evans' busy schedule includes starring in Apple TV+'s star-studded new film "Ghosted," alongside Ana de Armas, and preparing for the releases of two more projects later this year, Netflix's "Pain Hustlers" with Emily Blunt and "Red One," a holiday action film with Dwayne Johnson. However, he says seeing the world through Dodger's eyes serves as a "good reminder to stay present." He notes, "A lot of times, if I'm having a particularly heavy day, it's nice just to look at Dodger and remember how simply, happily, peacefully, and joyfully he moves through the world."

Dodger, who will be turning 8 this year, is a loving and protective companion to Evans. The two have a strong bond, and it's clear that Evans' life is brighter with Dodger by his side.