Chocolate : 5 Essential Facts You Did Not Know About *The* Poison For Dogs (That Can Help Save Their Life)

Andrea A.

Chocolate is poisonous for dogs. Why? Theobromine is a toxic substance found in cocoa which can be deadly for dogs. Vets treat hundreds of greedy dogs each year, especially at Easter and other holidays. To prevent the worse, here are 5 important pieces of information for you to keep in mind.

1. Even a square is too much.


SourceIf you are in the habit of treating your dog by giving them a square of chocolate, stop now. Even a small quantity, one or two squares, is harmful to them. It irritates their stomach and, in the long term, could cause an ulcer. Chocolate can also cause long term heart problems.

2. Dark chocolate: the enemy.


SourceIt’s simple...the darker the chocolate, the more theobromine it contains and the more toxic it is for your dog. Milk chocolate and cocoa powder contain less but are also harmful.

3. White chocolate isn’t toxic, but...


SourceWhite chocolate is a special case because it doesn’t contain theobromine. It is therefore not the end of the world if your dog scoffs some of this. But it’s far from being the best sweet treat for your dog. All sugary and fatty foods - the very definition of white chocolate - are harmful to dogs.

4. A single bar can be fatal for a small dog.


SourceThe risk of poisoning depends on the quantity of chocolate eaten and the size of the dog. If your dog weighs 6 kilos and eats a 200g chocolate bar, take them to the vets immediately. To be sure, you can use this calculator to work out the chance of poisoning.

5. Some breeds are more sensitive than others.


SourceNot all dogs are equally affected when it comes to chocolate. Brachycephalic breeds such as Boxers, pugs, English and French Bulldogs are sensitive to chocolate poisoning. They are also predisposed to cardiac and respiratory problems.


SourceSo put your chocolate bars as far away as possible from their nose and never give in to their pleas and begging.Despite your vigilance, it’s always possible that your dog might raid the shelves one day and come across some chocolate…. We strongly advise you to learn how to detect the 4 signs of chocolate poisoning.

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