A Dog Was Just Found Hung From A Pole In The Middle Of Town - Residents Mobilize

On the morning of February 1, garbage men inNîmes, France, discovered with horror the body of a dog hung from a pole in the middle of town. It wasthe Facebook page,Les Rues de Nîmes(The Streets of Nîmes) who posted the news, explaining "even if he struggled, the poor animal wouldn't have been able to slip the noose from around the large panel."(Caution: Some images may be graphic)[caption id="attachment_29324" align="alignnone" width="675"]


The street where the dog was found. Source: Google Street View[/caption]The dog, a tan, male Mastiff, was attached by the neck to a traffic sign. "Both of the garbage men had to work to detach him," specifiedMidi Libre. 


Source: Les Rues de Nîmes

Residents mobilise 

The macabre discovery has deeply affected the residents who showed their anger on February 7. More than 100 people assembled in the small street of Henri-Revoil and placed candles and bouquets of flowers where the animal was found.Nathalie, member of Collectif de Défense des Animaux 30 (Animal Defense Collective 30), explained toMidi Libre:

We are gathered here because an odious act was committed on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday. Someone hit a dog and hung him alive on a traffic sign. The first objective is to find the guilty party. We are working closely with the police [...] and we collected a one thousand dollar reward for anyone who can help us with information leading to an arrest of the guilty person. 

https://twitter.com/MidiLibreNimes/status/829009739728224261A police investigation has been opened. The autopsie of the dog shows he received several blows before being hung and he was neither microchipped or marked.You can read up more about animal cruelty laws in the United States and in Canada here.

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