Chicken With No Eyes Gets Cuddles Everywhere She Goes


This is one chick like no other. The little creature was born withno eyes.When Rebekah Cummings's grandfather gave her an egg to see if it would hatch, she wasn't worried - Cummings had had chickens before and knew exactly what to do. She put it in an incubator as usual, reports The Dodo.


Source: @RebekahCummings

But when the egg started to hatch on May 4 in 2015, she immediatelynoticed that the chick was missing its eyes. Not that it made any difference for Cummings...


Source: @RebekahCummings

She didsome research into caring for the chickandwas told that it would be better to simply "cull" her, as she wouldn't survive otherwise. Cummings refused to do this. Instead, she called the chick Mumble.She tells The Dodo:

I stood up for her life even with many people telling me I was cruel and ridiculous for 'prolonging her suffering' and I was wasting my time. But as an animal lover I stood my ground. 

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Cummings had her fears that Mumble might not survive. With every day camethepossibility that she might pass away. But Mumble is a "fighter" and she wasn't giving up that easily...


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It's now a year on and Mumble is thriving. She's living a very special, happy life with the rest of the Cummings family - humans, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens alike - in North Somerset in the UK.


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In fact, she just loves snuggling with her animal brothers and sisters. Her best friend is a 7-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier named Maddie...


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But Maddie is facing some stiff competition from another chicken called Nyx!


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Well, Mumble iscertainly a popular chicken: she has a following of over 40,000 people on her Facebook page. Shehas become a bit of an ambassador for disabled creatures, giving advice with the help of her human:

More and more people are messaging her page asking for advice with disabled chicks now also, rather than just culling them. She brings so much joy to many people, and I'm so proud of her. 

Source: @MumbleTheChicken/ Facebook

Mumble hasn't let anything hold her back, least of all her (lack of) eyes.


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She's an inspiration to everyone, most notably her proud parent. Cummingshappily concludes: "Now, knowing how many chickens are actually culled for minor things such as being blind, I will be rescuing when I have the opportunity."

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