Cheeky Little Kitten Can't Stop Riding Around On The Backs Of His Farm-Animal Friends

It is a well-known factthat cats do as they please.Yes, our furry friends certainly enjoy asserting their authority. But this ginger kitty on the Snowfall Ranchin Colorado is really pushing it! The little kitten, nicknamed Teton, is famed for spending his hours perched atop the backs of the other farm animals.

Source: Joana Shaw

He was originally adopted by the farm-owners to chase away the mice when he was 3 months old. Since then, he has become the self-appointed King.

It is his favourite activity to climb up on the backs of all his hairy friends, be it horses, ponies, donkeys or goats! The huge size difference doesn't faze him, and his presence doesn't seem to disturb his pals either.


Source: Joana Shaw

Teton really makes the most of this opportunity in winter. When it snows, he can get around easily and still keep his paws dry!

He feels most comfortable on the backs of ponies and miniature horses. Maybe the kitty wants to help train them up for their futures in zoo-therapy - he believes he's a great help!


Source: Joana Shaw