Cheeky Dog Tries To Hide His Obvious Guilt. And Fails Miserably

The good thing about dogs is that they don't tell lies. Because, well, they just can't...

Most of the time they're pretty much open books. At least that's the case for this pup who has just done something naughty and is feeling a bit guilty about it...


Source : @Facebook 

The adorable dog is his parent's number one suspect when it comes to the mess in the bathroom. The man notices the bin has been knocked over in the middle of the room... And he wants answers from his dog.


Source : @Facebook 

But the situation is just too funny - the bin's lid is stuck around the animal's neck! Despite this obvious evidence of his guilt, it's the dog's absolute failure to pretend he's innocent which betrays him.


Source : @Facebook 

The dog looks anywhere but at the camera, trying to remain nonchalant...with no success, of course!

He may be guilty, but how can you be mad at him after such an adorable reaction?

Check out the hilarious scene here: