Chained To A Balcony, This Dog Tried To Free Herself By Jumping Off It

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Bella, an adorable German Shepherd puppy, had a very tough start to life.She used to live in Cairo, Egypt, where her owner condemned her to a life of misery. She was kept outside on the third floor of an apartment building. Worst of all, she was chained to the balconyrailings so that she could never escape, The Dodoreports.


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But one day, Bella tried to escape her terrible existence by jumping off the balcony.Sadly the thick, rusty chain did not give way and so she was left dangling off the balcony for hours, desperately crying for help.As the chain was strangling her and digging into her neck, Bella's life was in imminent danger. The securities were alerted but it took them hours to arrive.Passers-by didn't think the poor puppy would make it.


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Lauren Connelly, who works forSNARR, an animal protection association based in the US, who went on to take care of Bella, toldThe Dodo:

She was over the balcony for about five hours we think.

Five hours of utter hell for the poor dog who couldn't move or even breathe.It's a true miracle that she was rescued just in time.


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When theEgyptian Society for Mercy to Animals(ESMA) rescued her, she was almost dead with grave injuries to her neck. The young dog was also terribly malnourished.But Bella fought to survive and after she recovered theESMA contacted SNARR to see if they could offer her a better chance at life. SNARR helps to find loving homes in America for dogs who have truly beenthrough the worst.It was SNARR that savedAnubis, the Egyptian dog whose muzzle was cut off, but who now lives happily with his new family in the US.Bella luckily received SNARR's help and was sent miles away from her life of hell to Houston, Texas.In May 2015, she met her new parents, a young couple who already had one dog.


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Now two years old, Bella is happier than she could ever have imagined. Whether it's splashing about in the water with her canine best buddy or curling up for cuddles on the couch, she's finally living the life she deserves."She's fully recovered. You'd never know it happened. She's spoiled rotten," Connelly said.


Source : @SNARR

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