Chained And Starving, She Was Ready To Die. They Found Her Just In Time


Last month the medical team from the ASPCA in Texas, U.S, was inspecting a shelter suspected of running dog-fighting competitions, when they came across a dog who had been physically and mentally destroyed.


Source: SPATexas

She was attached to the entrance of the property with an extremely heavy chain and looked like the mere shadow of her skeletal self. Her thick collar was way too big for her thin neck and her little body was worryingly fragile.


Source: SPATexas

The team found no less then 13 abused dogs during the inspection, all of them in terrible physical condition. In a press release, the association declared:

None of the dogs had access to water or food and the majority of them has neither a kennel nor a roof over their heads to protect them from the blazing sun.


Source: SPATexas

But it was this particular dog, with the curved back and desperate look in her eyes, that shocked the rescue team. Her entire body was a reflection of the way she'd been treated in the past.

After having taken the dogs away and organised their first medical visits, the staff of the ASPCA went out of their way to help this dog - whom they had baptised Gwen - back on her feet.


Source: SPATexas

According to the veterinarian, Gwen had no blood circulating in her veins and would have probably been dead a few days later if the team hadn't rescued her. Her skin was also extremely dry and covered in fleas.

After she'd received a blood transfusion, Gwen was ready to start her long recovery. For the very first time, she had access to water, fresh food and as much sleep as she wanted. After only a few days, Gwen started to thrive and was eventually completely transformed.

Gwen isn't lethargic and desperate at all anymore. She greets everyone happily and wags her tail all the time. 

Source: SPATexas

The pretty Pit bull still has some way to go before she'll be completely recovered, including gaining some more weight and waiting for her skin to heal, but she seems so far away from her miserable life before. As soon as she's mentally and physically healthy, she'll be ready to be put up for adoption to find her forever home.


Source: SPATexas

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