When These Surfers Heard A Baby Whale Crying, They Didn't Hesitate For A Second To Go And Save Her

On April 20, a group of surfers saved the life of a baby whale who was stuck in shallow waters at the mouth of a river near Puntarenas, Costa Rica, reports The Dodo. Mauricio Camareno was the one to spot the baby sea mammal whose life was in imminent danger.At around 5 a.m., as he was surfing the early morning waves, he caught sight of a strange black lump protruding out of the river.


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When he approached it, he was shocked to hear the desperate cries of a baby whale.The little pilot whale was suffocating, stuck in the sanddue to the low tide.The young man told the siteAmelia Rueda :

She was very weak and could not keep afloat.

The group didn't hesitate for a moment and all gathered around the baby whale to help free her back into the ocean.


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But it was far more difficult as it seemed as she was very heavy and too weak to move herself.It took the group of surfers six hours to wait for the high tide so that she could get back out into deeper waters.During which time, they had to keep lifting her up so that she could breathe, because she hadn't the strength to do so herself.


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All the while, they offered her their support, waiting alongside the poor creature while she regained her strength.Finally, the water was high enough for them to help push her out into deeper waters. And it worked!The pilot whale started moving slowly and then off she went out into the ocean to find her family who were probably waiting for her in anarea nearby.


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The lucky creature belonged to the family of pilot whales. Tragically, each year hundreds of them are brutally massacredin Denmark on the Faroe Islands.So that we can put an end to this revolting yearly tradition once and for all, please sign the petition here.

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