Baby Bulls Violently Stabbed By Amateur Bullfighters Cause Widespread Outrage

Andrea A.

Yet another scandal has surfaced from the frowned upon tradition of bullfighting, further tarnishing its image in the public eye.In the beginning of August in the small town of Valmojado in the centreof Spain, young calves were forced to fight against amateur bullfighters. They were so young they were not yet weaned off their mothers' milk, and they didn't yet have fully grown horns. This happened during a festival calledBecerrada ("becerro" means "calf" in Spanish).

(Warning: graphic content below)


Source: Pacma

The young calves stood no chance against the cruelty that was waiting for them in the arena.

Calves tortured by inexperienced bullfighters

The show is extremely shocking to watch. The bullfighters were amateurs, wearing jeans and sneakers, and had no experience. It was a display ofbrutality against animals who had no defence. The calves were stabbed repeatedly with the banderillas and injured with clumsy hits in front of a crowd of enthusiastic onlookers.


Source: Pacma

A disturbing scene shows two people grabbing an injured calf by its barely-formed horns while a third person delivers a fatal blow in the calf's spinal cord.


Source: Pacma

In the last few seconds of the video, a young girl enters the ring and starts practising.


Source: Pacma

In the spirit of tradition, the spectators came down into the arena and cut off the ears of the calves to exhibit as a trophy.


Source: Pacma

It is difficult to tell exactly how many calves have been submitted to this gruesome ordeal during the entire festival, but the video shows at least three different calves.[embed][/embed]

"We'll never forget"

On the Spanish animal defence team there is Pacma, the organisation responsible for releasing the content, filmed on August 7. The president, Silvia Barquero, told The Mirror,in an article that has been shared more than 39 000 times:

The team that has had to make this video have had their hearts broken while working with these images. Although we are used to facing these kinds of acts, we were completely unable to hold back the tears, we will never forget it.

Pacma vigorously condemned this barbaric, amateur festival and the abuse that took place there.


Source : Pacma

In an attempt to defend themselves, thefestival's organisers have accused the animal rights activists of "serious manipulating of the images" and said that they were only sticking to the "essence of popular festivals".These justifications didn't manage tocalm the storm. Millions of Spanish people expressed their anger and disapproval on social networks, most notably on Twitter.PETA, the association for the ethical treatment of animals, also voiced its anger at this "insufferable violence".Silvia Barquero said about the massive support for her organisation:

We have realised these last few hours that now more than ever the populace is rejecting any form of animal abuse and becoming more aware.

Considerlending your voice to PETA's petition to stop bullfighting in Spain, and move towards a more fair treatment of bulls and calves.