This Dog With Two Noses Was Going To Be Put Down, But Now He's A Superstar


Toby, this unique Australian Shepherd, was found wandering the streets alone inFresno, California in 2014. Rescued by an animal shelter, no one wanted to take Toby home due to his double nose.Scheduled to die, Toby was counting his last hours before Todd Ray stepped in and offered him a second chance at life.


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The animal shelter started giving up on Toby two years ago. All that people could see was his nose deformity, and not his bubbly heart. It was going to be a tragic ending for Toby, who would likely be euthanised.But as luck would have it, a man namedTodd Ray heard about Toby and knew at once he had to take him home. Ray told theBBC :

The sad thing is that, at this time, people will let a two-nosed dog get put down before they will adopt him - only because he looks different.

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In fact, Todd Ray runs theVenice Beach Freakshow, an attraction which celebrates the weird and wonderful,particularly people and animal with physical 'differences'. Toby has now become a main attraction at the show, with kids and adults alike flocking to meet the adorable pup.Todd thinks that it's Toby's difference which makes him so special, telling BoredPanda:

I thought he was the cutest and the coolest dog ever!

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Todd Ray loves his new companion and is thrilled to have him in his life. He added:

Toby is the sweetest dog on Earth! He loves everybody! [The two-year-old] enjoys playing catch and he loves to snuggle on the couch. He is totally healthy and doing great!

The Australian Shepherd is clearlyhappier than ever in his new home. Watch him playing about here:[embed][/embed]

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