Cat's Hilarious Slapfest with Golden Retriever on Stairs Takes Internet by Storm


A delightful duo, Waffles the cat and Maples the golden retriever, have captured the hearts of netizens with their playful antics on the stairs. In a viral TikTok video shared by their owner, known as Thegoldenbreakfastclub, Waffles can be seen trying to make his way downstairs while being continuously slapped by the mischievous Maples.

The amusing clip, featuring a 7-year-old polydactyl cat and a 2-year-old golden retriever, has garnered over 530,000 views and counting. The caption accompanying the video reads, "Stair shenanigans."

A study conducted by Italian scientists and published in the journal PLoS ONE found that cats and dogs can easily cohabitate without significant conflict. Over 1,270 pet owners who owned both a cat and a dog participated in the study, which revealed that 64 percent of the feline-canine pairs played together, 58 percent engaged in playful chasing, and 41 percent had occasional fights. The study also showed that cats were more likely to ignore dogs, with 42 percent of cats ignoring canines compared to only 28 percent of dogs ignoring cats. Cats were also more likely to initiate attacks on dogs.

Netizens have been quick to express their amusement and affection for the furry duo. One user, Karenceriello, commented, "That sweet dog can't imagine the cat not liking him!" Another user, Faux DaPoint, jokingly remarked, "At first I was like... Hey, leave the dog alone, then I was like, hey, leave the cat alone..." The sentiment of them being "total siblings" resonated with VEEAAH.

Erikamethyst shared their love for cats, while BrittyBear highlighted the expressions directed at "mum and dad." Jasmine Shamer added a playful twist, imagining the cat saying, "YOU STAY!! YOU SIT! I GO FIRST!" and the dog eagerly waiting to move. Some users even envisioned humorous scenarios, with Closeclosebink imagining the dog pushing the cat down the stairs, and mommaackerson pondering why cats always choose staircases for their battles. User morganjohn32 summed it up with a playful pun, describing the cat's behavior as "cattitude."

yzma1587 initially felt sorry for the dog but later realized the playful nature of their interactions. Gem highlighted the dog's perspective, suggesting that the dog thought it was all part of a game.

The heartwarming video showcases the unique dynamics between cats and dogs and the joy they bring to our lives.