Cat With Two Noses Rescued By Woman After No Shelter Would Take Him

Andrea A.

Memphis, an adorable one year old cat, was born with two noses, as well as several other physical defects on his face. Sadly, this particularity worked against him, when his masters, incapable of taking care of him, decided to abandon him instead.

Source: The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Shelters inMassachusetts, where he was found, refused to take him in and care for him, offering only to euthanise him.

Source: The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Tara Kay, founder of the Odd Cat Sanctuary, caught wind of Memphis' story through one of their volunteers. She knew right away that she had to come to his rescue.Tara said:

He was born with deformed soft palate, smushed face and a cleft lip. Both noses are functional. He does breathe louder and snores! But he does great.

Source: The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Memphis' wonderful character and charm is by no means affected by his facial abnormalities, and he is now on the lookout for his forever home.

Source: The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Tara concludes:

We believe that all cats deserve love, attention, and medical care, first with a caring foster and then with placement in a forever home.

H/t: Love Meow