Cat Thrown Out The 4th Floor Of A Building In Bordeaux, France

Cookie, a small cat from Bordeaux, France, has suffered her owner's abuse for several months. The most recent outbreak almost costing her life as she was thrown out of the 4th floor window of her apartment building, falling over 16 meters.

Source: BASTET

It was a miracle she survived, having suffered a broken jaw, several lost teeth, one broken and one dislocated leg. Her owner refused to pay for her medical care, giving her to charity BASTET.

Source: BASTET

Several animal charities have filed complaints against the man; BASTET, The Brigitte Bardot Foundation and One Voice to name a few. However, this sadly didn't follow through despite the overwhelming amount of proof presented. Photographs of Cookie's state along with veterinary statements and witnesses were given as evidence but this unfortunately wasn't enough.

Source: BASTET

The local public prosecutors office wrote in a letter to BASTET dated January 22 2018:

The facts or circumstances of exactly what happened couldn't be clearly made out by the investigation. The evidence is therefore insufficient for the offense to be established and for criminal prosecution to be taken.

The injustice of the situation has caused a petition to be launched, in the hope that Cookie's owner doesn't go unpunished. A Facebook group, Justice For Cookie, has also been established.

Source: Facebook

Cookie is currently recovering from this terrible ordeal with Sophie Llado, a member of BASTET. In a message from January 19, Llado said:

Cookie continues to fight every day. She walks, she limps [and] she bears the aftermath of the terrible abuse she has suffered.

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