Cat Rescued By Brave Engineer After Being Thrown Into Freezing River


A cat was rescued after cruelly being thrown into a freezing river in Siberia. The cat, named Musya, was spotted under a railway bridge after engineers heard her cries.Devastatingly, Musya had been put into a bag, which was weight down with rocks and tied shut. It is clear that whoever abandoned her wanted to kill her.

cat thrown into river

Source: Anna Liesowska/Youtube

"Somebody just threw her out. But before throwing her out, this cruel somebody wrapped her in a bag, and tied up the bag," said the railway worker who rescued her. "We heard the loud meowing. Of course, we wanted to come to rescue the cat once we heard it."The river beneath the bridge had frozen over, letting the kind-hearted man get to where she had been thrown and cut her from the rapidly freezing bag.

cat thrown in river

Source: Anna Liesowska/Youtube

Although shaken and confused, Musya is apparently doing well and has been adopted by her rescuer.He finished:

What kind of low soul does things like that? The cat was just left on the ice inside a bag to freeze to death. Why did they put in the stones? So that the cat cannot move at all?
cat thrown in river

Source: Anna Liesowska/Youtube

Watch the video of the rescue below:

H/t: Siberian Times

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