Cat rescued after 5-mile trip trapped under car bonnet


A lucky cat was rescued after being trapped under the bonnet of a car for five miles. The driver, David King, discovered four-year-old Rose after he completed his journey and conducted an oil check. Mr King's wife, Tina, was surprised to find Rose peering out of the engine. The cat was removed by Cats Protection, a charity dedicated to feline welfare, after the front wheel of the Vauxhall Astra was removed in Sheerness, Kent. Rose was reunited with her owner, Allison Webster, who was relieved to find her pet alive and well. The cat had recovered from her ordeal, which left her understandably petrified.

Rose's discovery was a fortunate one, as her owners had not been aware that she had escaped their home. When Mr. King found her, she had been trapped under the bonnet for five miles, which included a busy school run. Despite being an indoor-only pet, the terrified feline had somehow found its way into the engine cavity, from which it had backed away, unable to get out. The rescue was performed by Kim Braysher, a welfare team leader at Cats Protection's Swale Branch. Ms Braysher was able to free the cat by removing a wheel and accessing the engine cavity from underneath the car. The cat had a microchip, and Ms Braysher was able to trace her owner, Allison Webster, despite the contact number being out of date, by driving to the registered address which was nearby. Although Rose appeared unscathed by her ordeal, Ms Webster updated her microchip details to prevent a similar incident from happening again.

Rose's discovery was a fortunate one, as her owners had not been aware that she had escaped their home.

The rescue was a success thanks to the swift and efficient action of Cats Protection, who are committed to providing help and support to cats in need. Kim Braysher stated that Rose was "understandably frightened and trembling" and that she had "been petrified all the time the car was driving on the busy school run". It is important to note that this incident could have been prevented if Rose had not been allowed to wander outside of her home without supervision. Domestic cats are not always aware of the dangers that can exist outside, and they can easily become lost, injured or killed. To prevent accidents such as this one, pet owners are advised to keep their cats inside their homes or provide a safe outdoor area that is enclosed and secure. Additionally, microchipping pets is crucial to ensuring their safe return if they become lost or injured.