Cat Missing For 14 Years Finally Reunited With Family And Dies In Peace


A cat who was adopted in 1998 and went missing in 2001 was recently reunited with his original family after 14 years.


Source: @Wish-TV

The 17-year-old cat had been wandering the streets for years before a shelter found him and located his family through a microchip. Despite moving home and changing phone numbers, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa managed to bring them together again.


Source: @Wish-TV

Ralph was a gift from Father Christmasto 8 year-old Jill. Jill andRalph were exceptionally close for 3 years but then, as sadly often happens with cats, Ralph wandered off and never found his way home. The family searched everywhere but never found him...Until Jill's mother received a call from the ARL saying they had her cat. Having not had a cat for 14 years, she was utterly confused. It wasn't until she arrived at the shelter to find it wasRalph, their long-lost friend.


Source: @Wish-TV

Now 22 years old, and having never forgotten about him, Jill was over the moon to be with Ralph again. She toldWish-TV:

I'm just glad that he gets to finish out his life with me, and not somewhere out on the streets. 

And indeed Ralph did finish out his life in Jill's arms. Ralph died at home with his family just two days after they had been reunited. It seems Ralph was finally at peace.This moving story shows just how important it is to microchip your pets and to notifythe local authorities if you find a lost pet.

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