Cat Lover Builds The Best Maze For His Feline Friends And Goes Viral


When International Cat Day rolled around on August 8, cat lovers around the world found ways to tell their feline friends how much they meant to them. Some bought them new toys, some got tasty treats. But one man decided to take his love for his cats a step further.

Source: Facebook/Cole and Marmalade

YouTuber Chris Poole, who runs a channel about his cats, Cole and Marmalade, decided to treat them to every cat's dream; a cardboard box maze.As any cat-parent knows, felines seem to have a strange love for boxes and can't resist jumping into them. So this idea was sure to be a hit with Chris' furry companions.

Source: YouTube/Cole and Marmalade

To make his masterpiece, Poole used 50 cardboard boxes and arranged them side by side, cutting Cole-and-Marmalade-sized holes in some of them so that the cats could explore every inch of their new fortress.Along with passages to squeeze through and 'rooms' to jump into, Poole hid treats for the pair to find and snack on, and constructed platforms for them to lounge on when they got tired from their exciting search. are highly intelligent creatures and very active, especially when younger, despite sleeping 16 hours a day on average! Bored cats, like any animal, can become needy or destructive when bored. Although it's not necessary to built a castle out of boxes like Chris Poole, it is a good idea to have things for your cat to explore, climb, chase and scratch in your house to keep them happy.Try to spend some time playing with your cat every day and for when you can't, items such as scratching posts provide something to climb and encourages them not to tear up your furniture!

H/t: nerdist

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