Cat Joins Couple on Two-Year World Adventure Across 45 US States


For the past two years, Hélène Vincent, a 34-year-old education technology professional, and her wife Alice, a 38-year-old insurance worker, have taken their adventurous cat Bao Zi on a globetrotting journey, visiting 45 US states, 22 national parks, and five countries. The Boston-based couple, who work remotely as digital nomads, encourage their six-year-old half Maine Coon rescue cat's curiosity through hiking and sightseeing, enjoying a life filled with freedom and spontaneity.

Hélène described the most amazing aspect of their unconventional lifestyle as having the chance to experience the world through Bao Zi's eyes. By paying close attention to the feline during outdoor hikes, the couple finds themselves more in the moment, noticing things they might not have seen otherwise. Their unique way of life has them moving almost every week, with the trio deciding on their next destination just a few days in advance.

Initially, Bao Zi was an anxious cat, afraid of everything.

The couple began embracing this nomadic lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic when both their jobs went remote. Previously living in the city, they felt something was missing from their lives. As they started taking longer trips, they realized they were happiest when surrounded by nature and experiencing new places.

Initially, Bao Zi was an anxious cat, afraid of everything. However, a few days on the road helped her adapt, and she has since become happier and healthier than ever before. The various medical issues that plagued her earlier in life cleared up as she began traveling with her owners at four years old.

According to her owners, Bao Zi now exhibits more dog-like qualities, such as her curious nature and strong attachment to Hélène and Alice. They trained her to walk on a leash and use the bathroom outdoors, just like a dog. Bao Zi quickly grew fond of walking on the leash and eventually began leading her owners on walks.

Bao Zi now exhibits more dog-like qualities.

Bao Zi has also proven to be an easygoing traveler, comfortably flying long distances in a small carrier backpack tucked under the airplane seat. While Hélène carries a travel litter box just in case, Bao Zi prefers using the leash and digging in the dirt upon arrival at their destinations. She also enjoys car rides, often sleeping until they reach their next stop.

Currently, the trio is in Paris, with plans to visit Italy before heading to the American Southwest, including Arizona and New Mexico. Their favorite location so far is Utah, where Bao Zi particularly loves the desert and slot canyons. The cat also enjoyed long kayak trips in Arkansas and the pet-friendly atmosphere in France, where cafés, stores, and even museums accommodate furry companions.