Cat Found Alive In Parcel 8 Days After Being Accidentally Sent In The Post

Andrea A.

Cupcake is an extremely lucky little cat. The siamese cat survived 8 days of being trapped in a parcel in which she travelled 400km across England.


Source : @BBC

It turns out that whenJulie Baggott was packing upa big parcelof DVDs to send, she didn't see her cat slip inside the box.So the young woman happily went about sending the package from her local post office in Falmouth, in the south-west of Cornwall. The box was then sent to the other side of England, in West Sussex.

Severely dehydrated

Eight days and 400km later, the receivers of the package had the shock of their lives when they opened the box to find the cat, severely dehydrated and close to death, trapped amongst a pile of DVDs.


Source : @BBC

Ben Colwell, the vet who took the pet under his care, explained to theBBC:

She was quite dehydrated, obviously really quite scared, quite nervous, but she's done really, really well.

Source : @BBC

"I feel terrible about what's happened"

Luckily, the cat is back to her usual self after been given some medical fluids at the vet.Thanks to her microchip,the medical team easily foundJulie Baggott, Cupcake's human who had been desperately searching for her for over a week:

When I realised she was missing, two weeks ago, it was the most horrible, scary feeling. We looked everywhere for her. I feel terrible about what’s happened. I put everything in the box and I sealed it straight away, so I don’t know how she managed to get in there.


The young woman rushed to West Sussex to be reunited with her beloved cat. "It was a miracle she was alive, she’s managed to survive that awful ordeal",she added, overwhelmed with relief.