Captive Lion Roars Out In Extreme Pain When Heavy Zoo Door Cuts Off His Tail

A terrible accident took place atOregon Zoo in the US on May 13. In the middle of a show, the tip of Zawadi the lion's tail was cut offwhen ahydraulic door closed on it, reports The Dodo.Under the watchful gaze of the crowd of visitors, children including, the lion roared out in pain and shock.


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He quickly managed to get free of the trap but his tail began to bleed heavily, showing signs of a more serious injury.[embed][/embed]"He's bleeding a lot!" you can hear one visitor cry in the video.Zoo veterinarian Tim Storms tried to make light of the incident in a press releasea few hours later:

He lost the tip of his tail just above the tuft,” said zoo veterinarian Dr. Tim Storms. “For a 450-pound lion, that’s a relatively small injury, but we are treating it seriously. After a brief medical procedure he is recovering well. We expect him to heal without any complications.

The absurdity and horror of captivity

Despite the reassuring words of the zoo's officials, this "accident" only further underlines the absurdity of imprisoningwild animals in artificial habitats which do not meet their basic needs.


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Though some zoos make more of an effort than others to make it astimulatingenvironment, there is one thing they all have in common: they imprisonanimals against their wishes, putting them on display for the amusement of the public.

The animal rights organisation PETA underlines that:

Zoos teach the public that it is acceptable to keep animals in captivity, bored and unstimulated, confined and isolated, far from their natural habitat, and all thanks to humans.


Source : @Jo-Anne McArthur

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