Calm Your Dog Down With Classical Music. Science Says So


Do you have a new puppy struggling with separation anxiety? A particularly tense dog? Well new research suggests that classical music can help calm your canine friend.


Source: @apollo.the.bulldog Researchers from the University of Glasgow and the Scottish SPCA carried out an experiment testing the effects of classical music on dogs. The study involved two groups of dogs being examined over a period of two weeks in a rescue and rehoming shelter.One group of dogs was in silence, whilst the other had classical music played into their kennels. The stress-levels of those who listened to the likes of Mozart and Bach significantly decreased. Their heart rates went down and they spent less time standing and barking.


Source: @darkf4iry Although their stress levels decreased, the effects soon wore off after a few days. It seems that dogs, as well as humans, like a bit of variety and not the same thing on repeat. Hello by Adele, anyone?The researchers are keen to try out different genres to see what dogs prefer. Either way, they believe there are numerous potential psychological and physiological benefits of playing music to dogs.


Source: @slomo2.0 So next time you're going out for the day, why not pop on Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 to lull your doggy to sleep. It certainly has the same effect on some people!If you'd like to know more ways to help soothe your dog's separation anxiety, check out some solutions here.

Featured image : @Loffee