Bus Driver Refuses To Let Stray Dogs Freeze Outside During A Storm


In a world where we see more negative than positive, one act of kindness goes a long way. An Argentinian bus driver restored everyone's faith in humanity when he did something special for dogs who needed help.In January, Buenos Aires is affected by extreme weather conditions, causing chaos in the city and leaving everyone vulnerable to the rain. It is even worse, however, for people and animals who do not have homes to shelter them from the storm.


Source : Facebook/Stella Maris San Martin

That is exactly why this bus driver opened his doors to unlikely passengers - he welcomed stray dogs who were freezing cold and soaked through from the storm. After seeing them in the middle of the street outside the city, with nowhere to go for shelter, he called them all inside the vehicle.Stella Maris San Martín, one of the passengers who witnessed the scene, said:

They were two very scared little dogs. He never tried to put them off. He spoke to them like they were his own.

Another passenger managed to take photos of the two pups shivering in the bus, lying at the driver's feet.


Source : Facebook/Stella Maris San Martin

On Facebook, a post about this generous initiative went viral, being shared more than 10 000 times. The bus driver has not yet come forward, to the disappointment of his superiors in the company, who wish to reward his act of kindness.


Source : Facebook/Stella Maris San Martin

H/t: TheDodo

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