Bus Driver Lets These Scared Dogs On Board In The Middle Of A Huge Thunderstorm


In Buenos Aires, Argentina, dogs are not allowed on buses, no matter the circumstance. However, one kind driver made a special exemption for a pair of stray dogs when the city was hit with a huge thunderstorm.He brought the freezing dogs onto his bus for some much-needed shelter and safety from the rain.

Source: Facebook/Stella Maris San Martin

While the bus driver has remained anonymous, possibly out of fear of losing his job, photos of his kind act were shared online and have since been shared over 10,000 times.Local resident Stella Maris San Martin who witnessed the generosity of the anonymous driver explained to 'Minuto Uno':

They were two very scared little dogs. He never tried to put them off. He spoke to them like they were his own dogs.

Source: Facebook/Amor Por Los Animales

The bus company has since spoken out about the incident, explaining that in these exceptional circumstances they would not have condemned the drivers' actions and have instead praised them, and explained to the news outlet'Clarin':

You can't take animals on public transport. We are usually strict on this, but this is a special case and a show of solidarity.

Source: Facebook/Carina Barbosa

There are no reports of what happened to the dogs when the driver reached the end of his route, but nevertheless, this spontaneous act of kindness has not gone unnoticed and has won the hearts of thousands of internet users.

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