Buried Alive, This Newborn Puppy Is Surviving Thanks To An Unlikely Adoptive Mother

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On April 12, a young woman saved the life of a newborn puppy who she found buried alive behind a shop in Lupino, Corsica. T he tiny creature was barely a day oldand although it remains unclear, it seems like someone had tried to get rid of it in the most cruel and barbaricway.

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"I got him to sleep next to me on the first night and he survived"

Luckily, a young womanspotted the puppy before it was too late and managed to save his life. The young woman,calledLeila, shared the puppy's rescue story onFacebook.She explained (translated from the French):

I got him to sleep next to me on the first night and he survived through the night. Yesterday I handed him over to a good person who was able to adopt this little bundle of joy.

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A failed first attempt

Since Leila couldn't give the puppy the proper care he needed, she contacted the association SOS 4 Pattes 2B, who help animals in need in Corsica byfinding them fosters and foreverhomes.The president of theassociation, Marie-Josephe Basteri, decided to contactJonathon Focki, a 21-year-old Rottweiler breeder who often helps the charity. The young man was happy to help take care of the puppy.


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Jonathon's female Rottie is currently nursing her own litter so he tried to get her to takethe three-day-old puppy under her wing. Unfortunately, she didn't seem to welcome him into her family.But all hope was not lost.

Popie, the unlikely adoptive mother

Desperate to give the puppythe care itdesperately needed, Jonathon introduced it to his cat, Popie. Popie has also just given birth and despite being a feline, she immediately embraced the puppy as one of her kittens.


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In an interview with the Holidog Times, the young man explained:

I put the puppy next to her, and she started licking him straightaway. He still had a small bit of his umbilical cord and Popie cleaned it up as if he were one of her own.

The mother cat couldn't have been more affectionate in welcoming the puppy into his new family. She even lets the puppy feed from her, nestled in alongside her kittens.

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Source : @Jonathan Focki

"As soon as she hears him crying, Popie goes over to him"

Popie has become his true adoptive mother and thanks to her amazing care, the puppy is back on his pawsand seems in good health.Jonathan went on to say:

As soon as she hears him crying, Popie goes over to him and positions herself so that he can feed from her if he's hungry. And he's even started playing with the other kittens, his adoptive brothers.

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"He is in good health and behaving normally."

Despite his cruel start to life, the puppy is now doing very well thanks to his adoptive family. And he'll soon be getting even more attention from his mummy...


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Popie's kittens are already four weeks old and are therefore slowly weaning off her. "The kittens will soon start eating little cat biscuits, so the puppy will be able to have as much milk as he likes",said the young breeder.Jonathan said he is keeping a very close eye on the puppy to make sure he grows up healthy and strong. One thing's for sure, the little dog is in the very best hands (and paws!).

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"I've named him 'Life' because he's been fighting for his life."

It seems the worst is behind him now."He is in good health and behaving normally, like any one-week-old puppy would be",the young man added.And in honour of the little puppy's determination to live, Jonathon told the Holidog Times that he's given him the name 'Life'.

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Eight weeks from now, Life will probably be put up for adoption throughtheSOS 4 Pattes 2Bassociation. We hope he finds a loving home, he certainly deserves one.


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